Asset Recording Methods

Asset Recording Methods

Balmoral College asset register challenges.


We changed our old asset register to be imported into D6 Assets. Our old system used item as a single entry and used Location as multiple columns that held the Quantities of the asset. It worked well as the items did not have asset numbers allocated to them.


We Inserted the great total of each item as the Quantity of items in our CSV upload file

D6 Asset then generated the correct number of “Asset Numbers” for each item.


Problems occurred with items that used Sq. M for building sizes to Calculate or Record insurance Values were seen as Quantities. Boundary Walls That were shown as Meter length and Security gates with width as size

An 88 Sq. M single room nou had 88 Asset Numbers. Obviously if you choose to use 1 and Each as input for a room, then the usability viability of the program is lost.

We asked D6 To Clear the file and uploaded a new one.

To overcome this, “improvements” were loaded with, “One” as Quantity and “each” Unit of Measurement. Should be “Counting Unit” and in the D6 file, as measurement always have a unit like Meters, Kg, Volt, Amp, Litre, etc. as answer.


After the second upload of our CSV file, we had a Beautiful Asset file with 10 670 numbered items with a description and Category but many empty spaces.

All our items are now on the file with lines and (Asset Number) for the items that are more than one per location. What a job to add the same information over and over again.


We downloaded our asset excel file so that we can copy and paste and add missing info.

I now know what and how the info is recorded.

It will help if the following can be looked at.

Rigid Dropdown Tables. Would help if one can type other wording/Information into the dropdown tables.

What we need D6 to look at, is:

1. as "Owner" To be able to choose, “Balmoral College”, “DBE” or “SGB”. Leave the staff list as a choice but add Balmoral College, DBE and SGB please.

2. The way items are counted, is None, Each, Set, Pair and (Hectares is a measuring unit not counting unit. One piece of land is 250 Hectares. In this system every Hectare will have an Asset number)

What about,

Air Conditioners are, Unit,

Computer aided Experiments are, Kits.


We now realize that the Size of the same type of items must be added to the Description as they will have individual numbers assigned to them.


We will appreciate your attention to this matter

Thank you,