Indicate if someone is set-up for debit order

Indicate if someone is set-up for debit order

Good day

Please is it possible to add an indication on the statement (1) and when the notice of the school fees are sent to the D6 comm app on the 1st of the month (2), to let the parents know that they are indeed signed up for debit order.  So, for instance, when you load the debit order, you also tick to say "Add debit order notification to statement". The parents do not pay attention to the difference in the amount.

The forms for the debit order are received back from the parents in the prior year already. When the new year starts, MOST parents can't remember if they have signed up for debit order or not. We also have many first time parents for Grade R and Grade 1, so they are not used to the school system.  When they get the invoice notification on the D6 app, they either pay the school fees immediately (even though they have signed up for debit order), or they e-mail to ask if they are registered on debit order. An absolute admin nightmare with between 500 and 600 pupils registered on debit order.

The same thing happens again on the 25th of the month when the statements are sent out. The invoice is raised on the 1st, but the debit order is only set for the 1st of the following month. The statement shows the school fees are outstanding. The parents then e-mail again to make sure that they are still signed up for the debit order or ask if they must go ahead and pay the school fees via the app. 

Please, we would really appreciate the assistance.