Questions - Change button to submit

Questions - Change button to submit


Please could you consider changing the position and the button used to submit an answer to a question.

Currently the button is at the top right hand side on a mobile app.  It is not obvious for non-technically minded individuals they need to push this button/arrow.   On the desktop app, there is a button that says Submit.

A lot of people miss the arrow/button.

Or perhaps don't allow the user to leave the page until they have submitted their reply, especially when there is a required question.

Or perhaps you could add a user tip to highlight how they submit the question.

I would consider this a URGENT as this feature will get used less and less when there is not a great response rate.  This is a fantastic feature to have.

I asked a question to a select channel of 110 parents on 11 August 2022.  I reminded them to reply ALERT message on 12 August 2022 and only have 57 responses.

Thank you