Admin Year-end Process

Admin Year-end Process


The Admin Year-end process (roll-over) has to be completed by every school to create records for the learners and staff for next year.  The best approach is to start preparing. 

It is advisable to start this “Admin year-end” process ONLY after final marks have been entered on d6+ and were  verified. However, if you are making use of the Timetabler program to set up your Timetable for next year, the Admin Year-end Preparations will have to be completed before you will be able to start with the Timetable setup.

  1. Admin and Curriculum system tasks need to be fairly complete.
  2. Check the marks that should be moderated.
  3. Check Final Decisions that should have been condoned - especially for progressed “PG” learners exported to SA-SAMS. The Department needs to track these learners next year as part of “Learners at risk and/or Possible retentions”.
  4. The only codes allowed for year-end are P=Promoted, NP=Not Promoted and PG=Progressed.
  5. Year-end report cards should be printed and/or emailed.
  6. Export the finalized District/EMIS SA-SAMS database with or without an uploaded database with additional capturing in the latest SA-SAMS version depending on the needs to include LTSM, IQMS and SNA information - based on your province and district requirements).
  7. Export the Final Valistractor submission. Do not deploy in SA_SAMS  but submit directly to DDD via Valistractor.
  8. Please ensure you have an off-site and secure backup of these final databases.
  9. Ensure that you print SA-SAMS mark schedules and required stats, complete the Possible Retention List, capture relevant Excel templates and comply with National Assessment Circular 2 of 2019 requirements in general. 


The preparations should be completed to allow subjects to be assigned to learners in next year. Complete the process in the following order:


  1. My School > Learners > Waitlist Admissions
  2. Admit or decline learners on the waitlists per grade.


  1. My School > Learners > Re-registrations
  2. Indicate current learners that will re-register or leave the following year. If your school requires the re-registration form to be handed in, you can indicate where forms are outstanding.


For Timetabling Purposes:

If you are completing Phase 1 of the Admin Year-end for Timetabling purposes, don’t be concerned that this step will override the final results. It creates records for the learners in 2021 to allow subject choices for 2021 to be allocated. When all learners are imported into Timetabler, and you verified that the data is complete, reset each grade at Final Decisions, to “Use calculated decision for all” to ensure that learners are promoted into the correct grades according to their final marks.

  1.  My School > Learners > Promotions
  2. Select a grade
  3. Click “Promote all”

If you are not completing the process for Timetabling purposes:

If you are not promoting for Timetabling purposes, complete Promotions after all the final marks are entered.  The Subject Specific formulas for the current year have to be set up to complete this action.   This will ensure all learners in the current year will be promoted with calculated results.

  1. CEMIS and Private schools may have a different setup.
  2. My School > Learners > Promotions
  3. Click the blue arrow next to a class
  4. To promote learners manually, click “Continue”
  5. Repeat for each class


  1. My School > Learners > Class grouping
  2. Class allocations can only be done after the re-registration and promotions for all grades have been completed.
  3. Only then will the classroom lists be displayed where you can see the number of learners in a specific grade.
  4. The system will warn you if the required steps are not yet complete.
  5. Indicate the number of classes needed for the following year and the method to allocate learners to classes.


  1. My School > Staff > Class setup
  2. This function allows you to set up venues (classroom numbers) for next year and allocate register class names (eg. “A”) and educators per register classes.
  3. The allocated classrooms for the next year will not be displayed on the d6 Connect tab before the Final Admin Year-end is completed at Mt School > Admin Year-end.


  1. My School > General > Terms
  2. Create terms for the next year by copying the terms of the current year for the Learners, Educators and Staff.
  3. Note: The Staff should have only one term from 1 Jan -31 Des to allow absentees to be entered during school holidays if needed.
  4. Double click each date to edit the dates  for the following year.


  1. My School > Curriculum > Copy Learning Programs
  2. The learning program (Steps 1-6) for the chosen grade will copy to the same grade in the next year.
  3. For example, the Grade 11 setup (Subjects, tasks, assessments and weightings) will be the same for Grade 11 next year.
  4. In addition, the learner’s subject choices in Term 4 for Grade 10, will be copied to Grade 11.
  5. The following items will be copied to the next year:
    1. Copy subjects: Copies the school subjects indicated on Steps 1 & 2 to all the terms in next year.
    2. Copy learning outcomes/tasks/components: Copies the LO’s/Tasks, per subject on Steps 3 & 4 to the same terms in next year.
    3. Copy Assessments: Copies the assessments, per subject on Steps 5 & 6 to the same terms in next year.
    4. Copy Formulas: Copies template and subject-specific formulas per grade and subject to next year.
    5. Copy subject groups: Copies the subject group names to next year. The learners in the group will not be copied as well.
    6. You will have to allocate the learners to the subject groups again.  However, if you use the Timetabler module, the learners in the Combinations setup will be placed into the subject groups when you upload the timetable.
    7. Copy marks capturing rights for subject groups: Allows teachers to enter marks in next year for the same subject groups as in the current year.
    8. Copy learner subject choices: Subject choices of learners will be copied to the next grade where the parent subjects are the same.  Eg. Subject choices in Term 4 Grade 10 will be copied to Grade 11 for all terms.
    9. Copy Decision Methods: The Departmental or school-specific requirements to be promoted, will be copied to the next year.


  1. My School > Curriculum > Subject Choices
  2. Allocate subjects to new learners in the coming year as well as the new subject choices to the Grade 10 learners.


  1. My School > Staff > Subject
  2. Allocate the subjects taught in the next year per teacher. The subject experience on the second tab has to be indicated for SA-SAMS purposes but can be completed at a later stage.

To simplify the process, all these buttons are duplicated from other areas and grouped together in the correct order at 
My School > Curriculum > Year-end Preparation.

Note: Each button has a manual and short instructional video available on the (?) and 'Play' icons to the right of the button. 


If you are not able to see all 9 buttons, ask your Superuser to give View-and-Change rights to

1.1   1.2 1.3   2.1 2.2 4.1   4.2 4.3



This is the final phase to complete the roll-over to next year. After completing this phase, some reports and other information in the current year will no longer be available.

  1. Be sure to export and save your finalized SA-SAMS and Valistractor databases for future use, before finalising this phase.
  2. The final (not Term 4) submissions will not be able to export after completing this step.

The Final Admin year-end process

The Final Admin year-end process consists of three steps. You can complete the year-end process over time. The following screens will display to assist you in the process.


  1. You should NOT do this step BEFORE the reports for Term 4 are COMPLETED and your final SA-SAMS and Valistractor submissions were done both to your district on CD and extracted to DDD online.  After completing this step, you will NOT be able to return to the previous year to repeat the final submission.
  2. Should you have to restore back to the previous year there will be a substantial cost.
  3. This step can be done before the school closes if transfer cards should be handed out with the report cards.



  1. This is the step where the system automatically promotes learners according to their marks.
  2. This step must be completed before the end of the year.



  1. This step allocates new admission numbers to the accepted waitlist learners, replacing the temporary T-number with a new final Admin number,
  2. It is recommended that you complete this step in the New Year before the tenth school day when your learner numbers will be verified for invoicing purposes.

Please contact your dedicated CS consultant should you need any help with the steps in this process,
by logging a ticket at My Home > 'Send an email request', or emailing

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