Allow learners to see content on d6 Connect

Allow learners to see content on d6 Connect

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Since the d6 Connect app was created exclusively to give parents access to information regarding their children, there is no specific process for connecting learners to the app. However, there is a workaround to allow learners to obtain certain information. Option 1 is the easiest solution.

Option 1
Create a public channel to connect the sources and calendars. A learner following your school will be able to see it. However, it will also give access to anyone who follows your school.
Note: The learner will not be able to receive any parent-specific messages. Neither sees his own information such as marks, discipline, statements etc. 

  1. Create a Public Own Channel at My School > Communication > Communication Channels.
  2. Make sure the channel is marked as "Public" and that "Automatically connect" is set to "Yes".
  3. When any Resources are added, or Calendars created, link these to this public channel.
  4. The learner downloads and registers the d6 Connect app.
  5. Then, click Connect > Community > search for the school.
If the school displays as "Invite only", it indicates that the school has not set up a public channel.

Option 2
If the parent is already registered, the learner can register as "Follower". It gives the learner access to the learner information, such as marks, resources, discipline, absenteeism, and information loaded on the Homework module. But they will not receive any messages sent to registered users.
  1. The learner downloads and registers the d6 Connect app.
  2. He then links to his parent's registration: Connect > Student
  3. Enter the registered parent's ID first and then their own ID
  4. The parent will receive a message informing them that someone wants to view their learner's information, after which he/she can give permission.

Option 3

This option is not recommended because the parent will never be able to register themselves while the learner is registered. However, if the parent can not/don't want to register at all, the learner can register as his/her parent, giving him/her access to everything the school has available to parents, as well as the finances and the cashless option to make payments.
  1. The learner downloads and registers the d6 Connect app.
  2. Then he connects to himself at Couple> Learner
  3. Enter the parent's ID first and then their own ID. The system will compare the information with the information entered for the parent on d6Plus.

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