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This function enables the user to add, edit or delete templates that can be used in the Birthday messages function.
To add a template, click on the “Add” button next to the drop-down menu.

  • Select the language for the template by clicking on the appropriate language tab at the top (Afrikaans or English). You will need to complete a template for both English and Afrikaans.
  • Enter a short, descriptive title for the template at “Template title”.
  • Start writing your birthday message template content in the block provided. Note that there are character limitations, as indicated at the bottom right at the “SMS Message Length Calculator”.
  • You can make use of Merge Fields in your template. Merge Fields will automatically replace whatever is in the curly braces with the appropriate information, specific to that Merge Field.
  • Click on the “Save” button at the bottom to commit your changes.


To edit a template, double click on the template line item at the main screen. The template will open the same as on the Add section.  Make the necessary changes and click on Save.
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