Class Lists

Class Lists

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A class list is generated so that all learner names in the class appear on the same document. Various options can be selected when a class list is generated and optional learner information fields can also be displayed.

To generate a Class List

  1. For class lists of: Select the year for which the lists should be printed.
  2. Class lists as on: Select the date for the class list. If a learner is admitted on a future date, he/she will not be on the current class list. Learners will still appear on the class list on the day they are indicated as “left”. That is seen as the last day in school.
  3. Class lists with: Indicate whether Learner, parent, medical or extra curricular information should be included
  4. Teacher Name: Select the format of the teacher name on the class list.
  5. Show for gender: Select Boys/Girls/All learners
  6. Print class lists: Choose Portrait / Landscape
  7. Print Column header height: Select the required column header height.
  8. Row height: If the list of names run over onto a second page, decrease the row height to compress the list
  9. Print blank lines: Indicate if a number of blank lines should be printed below each learner name.
  10. Print number of blank lines: Indicate the number of lines to print below each learner name.
  11. Print blank lines separated: Indicate if lines should be visible or not.
  12. Print gender totals: Indicate if the learner numbers summary table at the top right should print.
  13. Print empty columns: Indicate whether additional empty columns should be added.
  14. Learner information: Indicate the format and printing order of learner names.
  15. Print additional Information: Select additional information to be printed on the class list.
  16. Print own column headers: Add headings for additional columns or select from the existing list. Existing headings can be removed as well.
  17. Rotate own column headers: Rotate headers to reduce column width
  18. Register Class: Select the class(es) to be printed

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