Creditor Journals

Creditor Journals

 Adjustments between ledger accounts and creditors are done using journals

How to process a creditors journal

  • Click on the "do an adjustment " button
  • Select the creditor account  and select " Continue"
  • Credit notes details that have been authorized for payment in the creditor account will be displayed.
  • You can make adjustments on this screen.
  • Date:  Select the date which you want to process the adjustment
  • Adjustment: Creditor Journal
  • Do journal against account/project: Select the General Ledger account
  • Account/project for the journal is: Indicate whether you want credit or debit the creditor account
  • Amount outstanding up to today:  Displays the amount of the credit note 
  • The total amount for correction: Insert that amount to adjust the account with
  • Amount due after journal: Displays the amount after the amount for correction in recorded
  • Reason for journal: Provide the reason why you posting this journal
  • Description: Enter the description

To preview a Creditor Journal

  • Select or search for the journal's processed, click on the radio button and then " preview" at the bottom

Please note creditors should be created before we can process journals.

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