The Curriculum Data Report is a report that displays all the available Learning Outcomes/Components and their assessments in your School’s database. This report will display both the preloaded as well as the manually created assessments and is grouped per subject and learning outcome/task.  

It can be used for the following:

  • To provide an overview of the learning programme to the teacher who will be presenting the subject and assessments.

  • To provide a report to the teacher that indicates to the administrative staff which assessments and/or learning outcomes will be presented for the term.

  • In the case where more than one teacher present the same subject, a report is given to the Head of Department to indicate which assessments or learning outcomes will be presented by specific teachers.  

It is best practice to make provision for at least 4 columns when generating the curriculum data report. 1 Column to represent each of the 4 terms per year


Click on My School > Curriculum > Curriculum Data
Alternatively, you can find this report under Reports by clicking on Reports > Learners > Curriculum Data
  • A screen will be displayed (to see the detail in the screen more clearly, click on the “100%” menu on the Google docs task bar above this document to enlarge the document):
  • Choose the layout of the page.
  • Choose the number of blank columns that you would want to appear on the page.
  • Choose the Curriculum that you want to view the report for.
  • Choose the grade.
  • Select the applicable subject/s. Click on the "right arrow" button to select the subject or the "left arrow" button to deselect it.
  • Click on the "Preview" button to view the report.

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