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Here the school sets up how its instance of the d6 Connect application will appear to its parents and other contacts. This screen consists of five tabs where app look and feel, access to information pertaining to contact persons and the ability of other contacts to send general enquiries can be edited. This is also where, when all the steps have been completed and startup content has been loaded, the school will go to activate the Roll Out Launch process which will automatically invite all unregistered parents over a 12 day period. Information pertaining to registered parents can also be viewed here.

D6 Connect SETUP in d6 Plus

This function must be completed by the school to provide the overall school branding in the App.

  • Click on d6 Connect Setup.
  • Click on the Setup tab.
  • Select the colour for the title background. Click on the desired colour and adjust the colour intensity by moving the arrow up or down. 
  • Select the colour for the School Name in the same way.  
  • You can choose between black and white for the Settings picture (gear).
  • To insert your school logo on the d6 Connect App click on the "Choose file" and browse to the image saved on your computer. (A square image with a white background works best).
  • A Preview will be visible at all times during your selection of the above mentioned settings.
  • Note this is just a preview.
  • Click on the "Save" button.
Please note that this is only saving the d6 Connect setup and you have not yet invited any parents/other contacts.


Here, the school can add additional contact persons that should be visible to parents/other contacts on the app. E.g. Coaches, ballet teachers, extra maths classes, etc.

Click on the "Contacts" tab.

To Add a contact:

Click on the "Add Contact" button.
Note that all fields marked with a red star * are compulsory fields.
  • If the contact person is an existing staff member, you can choose from a list of staff members captured on in d6+. Otherwise, "Not a staff member" can be selected.

  • All fields with a arrow pointing downward are drop down menus you can choose from.

  • Fill in all relevant fields.

  • Click "Save".

To Edit a contact:

  • Double click on the contact name you need to edit and the page will open where you can change the information.

  • Edit all the relevant information and click on the Save" button.

To Delete a contact:

  • Select the contact you need to delete and click on the "Delete Contact" button.

  • The system will popup a confirmation screen: "Are you sure you want to remove this person as a contact person from the App?"

  • Click on "OK" to confirm.


Here, the school can set up the way that some notifications will be seen by the parent/end user. Also if they will be able to send enquiries to the school and view financial information.

Click on the "Settings" Tab

To select the relevant notification method click the required box(es) for each type of notification.  Both options may be selected.

Notifications via feed This will notify the parent/user via the feeds on the App.  The parent/user needs to open the App to view the news feeds.

Notifications via push notification This will notify a parent/user of new messages or events as a popup message even when the user is not actively using the application.  

Select the required method for each of these notifications:

Update request - Reply to the parent/user that requested an update of their personal or learner's details, that you completed/rejected their update request.

Absenteeism - Notify the parent/user that the learner is absent. If not selected (specified), only sms-messages will be sent out. 

Discipline - Notify the parent/user of all the discipline entries on the learner.  If not selected (specified), only sms-messages will be sent out. 

General Enquiries - Choose if general enquiries should be enabled. This will allow parents to send requests to the system. These can be seen and answered at My School > Communication > General Enquiries.

Finances - Choose if financial information may be viewed by parents. If you would like to allow parents to pay existing projects or School fees with the cashless option this option has to be selected. 


Here, the school is able to edit or create their own invitation templates which can be sent to one or more parents/other contacts using either email or text message as a method of delivery. These templates will also be used if the school prefer to use the Roll-out launch system.
Before you send out manual invitations or launch the automatic roll-out launch process, you need to setup your email- and sms invitations. 

A parent will link to their child's profile with both their ID numbers. Ensure that parent and learner ID's are up to date in d6+ before inviting parents.


To setup the email invite message click on the “Email Invitation Template” tab.

Click on the “Afrikaans” tab to setup your Afrikaans email template.
Type the message you want to send on your invitation.  You can use the merge fields to import all the relevant information from your system.  
For example, if you choose the end user’s title, Initials and Surname on each individual email send, you can use the purple merge fields on the right to display the fields in the email message.  E.g. {nic_name} {initials} {surname}.
A Preview of the email message that you setup will display. 
Click on the “Save” button to save your invite/changes.

Click on the “English” tab to setup your English email template in the same way.
Click on the “Save” button to save the changes or your invite.


Repeat the steps above to set up the sms message on the “Sms Invitation Template” Tab.
One sms consists of 160 characters. The system will calculate how many characters you still have left while typing your message. You can use up to 612 characters which will be invoiced as 4 sms messages.  
Click on the “Save” button to save your changes.


If you prefer to send out your own invitations, click on the “Send” tab to select who you want to send the invitations to. Alternatively, make use of the automatic roll-out function explained in the following section.

Uninvited parents - To all parents not previously invited
Unregistered parents - To all parents not yet registered on the d6 Connect App
Unregistered invited parents - To all parents not yet registered but already invited
Select parents - a List of parents currently loaded on your system will open. 

If you do not select Click on the users you want to invite and then click on the blue arrow button to move them to the right column.  All parents selected will then receive the invitation.  To deselect an end user click on the end user’s name in the right column to select and then click the blue arrow button.

Choose which medium you want to use to invite the parents.  Remember only parents whose information are captured on the system will be able to receive this invite.

Email - Send an email invite only for parents with email addresses on the system.
Sms - Send only an sms invite to parents with a cellphone number on the system.
Email and Sms - Send an email and an sms invite to parents with email addresses and cell phone numbers on the system.
Email otherwise Sms - Email to all parents with email addresses on the system, if no email address then send an sms invite to parents.
Sms otherwise Email - Sms to all parents with cell phone number on the system, if no cell phone number then send an email invite to parents.

Each parent's record indicate their "preferred language of communication". If you are a dual medium school you need to setup both the Afrikaans and the English templates.  
If you copy your Afrikaans message into the English template all your English parents will also receive an Afrikaans message/invite.


    • All Parents:  The number of parents currently in your d6+ platform.

    • Registered Parents:  All the parents currently in your d6+ platform also shown as a percentage of the total available parents.

      • Registered parents-hyperlink:  Click on the hyperlink to take you to the Registered Users' tab, here you will be able to view which parents are registered on the app.

      • Class lists to indicate registered parents can be printed at REPORTS > Class lists.

      • Select to print Parent information and choose "Registered for Connect?".

    • Unregistered Parents:  All the parents not currently registered on the d6 Connect App.

      • Unregistered parents-hyperlink:  Click on the hyperlink to take you to the Invitations tab.

    • Invited Parents:  All the parents invited by the School to register for the d6 Connect App.

      • Invited Parents-hyperlink:  Click on the hyperlink to take you to the Invitations tab.

    • Registered Other contacts: All Other Contacts currently in your + platform.

    • Unregistered Other contacts: All Other Contacts that are not registered on d6 Connect App.

    • Invited Other Contacts: All Other Contacts invited by the school to register for the d6 Connect App.

    • All families: The number of families currently in your d6+ platform.

    • Registered families: All the families currently registered on the d6 Connect App.

  • Under the Rollout Launch system the following:

    • Select the Launch date of the School for your d6 Connect App. The first invitation will be sent on the selected date.

    • Choose whether you want to make use of both sms and emails, only sms or only email.

    • The system will send a series of sms’s and emails as set up in the templates, to your parents that have not yet registered the app, encouraging them to do so.  

The system shows an estimated number of sms’s and emails that will be sent parents to launch the App. If you agree to the costs of the process, indicate by selecting the box below “Acknowledge costs” and click the "Launch" -button.

You can interrupt/stop the roll-out launch at any time by clicking on the 'cancel' button.

Registered users-tab:
    • Displays all registered Parents and Other Contacts on the App.

    • It will also indicate if a parent is registered as a parent or a follower.

    • Class lists to indicate registered parents can be printed at REPORTS > Class lists. Select to print Parent information and choose "Registered for Connect?".

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