Debtor Account Statements

Debtor Account Statements

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Debtor & Other Debtor Statements

  • Each learner has an accountable person. Only one account per accountable person can be printed. If there are 2 learners part of one family code but the accountable persons differ there will be then an account for each learner. If they had the same accountable person, both will be printed on one account statement. If parent 2 is also set up to receive a copy of the account statement via email and there is a valid email address the account statement will then be sent to the accountable person and the 2’nd parent.
  • The names of the learners included in the family will appear on the statement (Depending on the setup)
  • The account statement will only be printed for the oldest / only learner
  • The account will be printed in class order
  • The distribution of the account statement can take place by hand, mail or email
  • When you use the system, some features of the program require that you use Google Chrome as your Web browser.
  • You are able to print a statement for "Other Debtors or Collectors" when you choose "Other Debtors or Collectors" by "Statement of" under "Statement Information". 

How to generate debtor & other debtor/collector statements

  • By choose one of the following, you can choose between the following 3 options by clicking on the down arrow:
  1. Bulk print / view of all statements
  2. Bulk print / view of statements which cannot be emailed
  3. Bulk email account statements
  1. By select the date, you can select the ‘Date of the statement’  by clicking on the drop down arrow and choose the date on which you want  to generate the statement
  2. By statement for, you can choose if you want to print statements for "debtors", "collectors" or then "other debtors". Collector statements are statement for all the learners that have been handed over to collectors.
  3. By statement of, you have the following choices to select from:
  1. All debtor accounts 
  2. Only debtor accounts that includes current learners 
  3. Only debtor accounts for learners that is not currently in the school (left and waitlisted learners)
  4. Choose debtor accounts, or
  5. Choose register classes
Once the above selections make, the following section is your Print Options
  1. Print statement header >> on the dropdown you would have two options of what you would like the header to be reflected as on your account statement. 
  2. Print statement per accountable person >> Here you can indicate if you would like to print a consolidated statement, or separate statement per grouping category. 
  3. Print statement for >> either select between year or month. 
  4. Print columns >> you can select between debit, credit and balance columns or amount and balance columns
  5. Print invoice detail >> You can select yes or no.
  6. Print detail transaction allocations >> You can choose either "yes" or "no" to print the detail transaction. If you choose "yes" then it will reflect how the money was allocated when a receipt was issued. 
  7. Print statement according to preferred language >> You can choose either "yes" or "no" option. If you choose "yes" then the statements will print according to the learner's preferred language as captured under the parents screen.
  8. Print payments included up to >> You need to choose a date up until where payments are included and this date can be selected by "print payments included up to".
  9. Print project detail >> You can indicate by yes or no if you want to reflect any projects the learner is linked to on the account statement. 
  10. Print debtor notes >> Choose whether or not you want to print debtor notes on the statements. Note that Internal notes will Not be printed on statements but rather only text notes and promise to pay notes.
  11. Print ID/Registration numbers >> Choose if you want to have the learners ID Numbers/Registration numbers printed on the statement
  12. Print ordering >> 

The next section would be the Age analysis information:
  1. You can choose if you want to print the age analysis of the statement according to the learner, or per learner and grouping category or none. Also choose up until when transactions should be included.

The next section would be the Include account statements for, the following options here you can tick the required options: 

You can then also decide who you would like to send the statement to via email, or to preview and print the account statement. 
  1. Choose is you want to view the list of learners according to their family code or in alphabetical order according to their surname
  2. Choose the the relevant family/families and move them from left to right by clicking on the double arrows showing to the right

Debtors with a Dollar sign next to them, indicates that the debtor has been handed over to collectors

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