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Zoho Assist is a reliable, trustworthy and free software for remote assistance, administration, remote desktop sharing and distance education from any place in the World.  This software will enable us to remotely connect to your desktop to assist you with any difficult support queries.

This document will explain how to download and use the Zoho Assist application. 

The Zoho Assist ID provided to you in the mentioned screen above will allow you and the d6+Plus consultant to connect remotely. We strongly suggest that users install the Zoho Assist application to their computers to allow them to have a permanent icon that can be used each time remote desktop assistance is needed.


  1. The Zoho Assist application will start downloading to your computer and the File.exe icon will appear in the bottom left hand corner of your screen
  2. Click on the drop down arrow located on the right hand side of the .exe file and select "Open" to install Zoho Assist application.
  3. A screen will come up showing that Zoho Assist is being installed
  4. A screen will appear asking "Do you want to allow this application to make changes to your device?"
  5. Click "yes" to continue with the installation
  6. After the installation is complete an icon will be placed on your desktop
  7. Double click on the Zoho Assist Icon to run 
  8. A screen will come up that require you to enter session ID
  9. The support consultant will provide you with the ID to join the session
  10. Click on the "Join Session" button to start the remote desktop session
  11. After the session is finished, you can close the Zoho Assist screen to terminate the connection between your PC and the consultant’s PC

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