Formula Calculation Sheet

Formula Calculation Sheet

Reports > Learners > Formula Calculation Sheet

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The formula calculation sheet will show the complete calculation analysis of the promotion mark according to the Template Formula or Subject-Specific Formula setup.

If no data is available for example the grade, this means your Template Formulas were not setup yet. Do this setup at My School > Curriculum > Template Formulas and/or Subject-Specific Formulas.

Schools who must do submissions to the Department of Education, should setup Subject-Specific Formulas to comply to DOE requirements. This means marks should be entered on the Plus system on at least the Orange level (Task level) throughout the year.

How to generate the Formula Calculation Sheet

Reports > Learners > Formula Calculation Sheet

Select the year.
Select the formula type.
Select the grade.
Select 'for which learners': all learners or current learners.
Choose the relevant subject/s and move to the right hand side.
Choose the page orientation.
Click on 'generate' report.

If some mark blocks are grayed out, it is an indication of missing marks.

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