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New Learners for an existing family

Q:  How to capture new learners for the new year with an existing family?
A:  Click on the Red circle to Add the same way when you add new learners without an existing family. Where it says New Family, click on the drop-down menu and select the existing family code and continue following all the steps.

Click on "Register Learner", click on the drop-down arrow in the "new family" block and choose the existing family to which the new learner must be linked's family code.
Click on continue and complete the steps that follow.

How do I enrol a learner who needs to be placed on a waiting list

If a learner enrols at your school but will only start at the school in the following year, the learner will need to be placed on a waiting list. You can choose if the learner must be placed on Waiting list A or B. 
Full reporting to the Department of Education in terms of interim reports waiting list numbers are facilitated. 
Click on the "Register learner" button and follow the instructions, make sure the admission date is in the next year, choose the 
learners grade for the next year and then when you get to the Register Class/ Waitlist field choose between Waitlist A or B.

Please ensure that you enter the correct registration and admission dates for the learner. The registration date is the date that the learner enrols at your school, while admission date will be the date that the learner will start attending your school.

How can I re-admit a learner that left school

Search for the learner you would like to re-register. 
Click on the radio (circle) button next to the learner you wish to re-admit and click on the learner re-admit button. 
Select reason: Here you choose whether the learner is returning to the school and whether the learner never left the school. 
The difference between these options is to allow your school to follow the policy regarding the admission numbers.
One option will generate a new admission number for the learner and the other option reserves the learner’s old admission number.

Please note: If you select to re-admit the learner with a "New Admission Number" you will be able to edit the learner's information, including the "Admission Date" of the learner.
If you select "Learner never left school (keep admission number)" you will not be able to edit the Learners "Registration and Admission dates.
If a school wants to change the admission date of a learner they must mark the learner as LEFT and NOT as DUPLICATE and then Re-admit the learner with a new admission number, you will then be able to specify a new admission date.

Why can I not capture absentees on certain days

If the dates of the week do not display or do not display correctly it means that your terms and holidays are not set up correctly.
Absentees for learners can only be read in for a set term. Go to My School > General > Terms, to correct this.

How can I edit an existing Whereabout type

System users are only able to edit the order in which reasons are displayed and the Discipline information.
In the event that you would like to edit the Whereabout types or reasons, please send an email to create a case.

Why can I not see all of the tabs on the learner overview function

Only the administrator of your school can assign rights to users of the system. The ‘tabs’ that you are able to see in the Learner Overview function depend on what rights are assigned to you. 
To allocate rights to a user, the superuser/administrator must go to My School > Staff > Staff. 
Search for the staff member you would like to assign rights to. 
Click on the "edit" next to the staff member you would like to make changes to or click on the radio button next to the staff member and click on the "edit" button.
You will see that there is a ‘Learner Overview Rights’ field, where you can assign rights to a staff member.
The ‘tabs’ that will be visible to a user under the Learner Overview function will depend on what rights are assigned to them.
Click on the "save" button to save your changes.

Can I edit a "Left learners' " Information

If a learner is marked as ‘Left’ (Highlighted in red), you will only be able to view the learner's information, however, you are able to edit billing information on step 3, "Billing" of the 6 step process of the learner.
This is to allow a school to collect ONLY outstanding school fees by debit order even after the learner has left the school.

How do I edit a Family name

A family name can only be edited in the Families function and not in the learner’s function.
Go to My School > Parents > Families.
Click on the edit button next to the family name.
You will find a screen with the family code and name, you can change the name in the block where it shows.

Who will be able to add or edit staff on the system

Only staff with "Superuser" or " Administrator" login rights on the system will be able to enter or edit staff information.

What happens when I choose "None" at the Program Access Information on a staff member's profile.

The staff member will have no access to the d6 System.
As per DOE instructions, Re-registrations should be done at the same time that enrollments open for the next year.
Go to Reports > Learners > Re-registration forms to print the forms.

Why is the date greyed out when I want to enter absentees

The date is marked as a holiday on your terms, My School > General > Terms or on Holidays, My School > General > Holidays.

Where can I add more absent reasons for learners and staff

Please go to My School > General > Absent reasons.

Where can I find a list of learners linked to a Sports House

REPORTS > Learners > House Sports

When should Re-registrations be done

Last term during the Admin Year-end Process.

Some of the learners at my school do not have Lurits numbers. Where can I get these?

Lurits numbers are issued by the DOE and will be given to your school on a Flash drive in the form of files.

Why am I not able to mark a teacher/ staff member as "left"?

If the school copied curriculum from year to year, the teacher/ staff member might still be linked to subject groups at My School > Curriculum > Subjects Groups. Replace this person with the new one that joined the school. Remember to do the same in all terms.

Why does a "left" learner's name still appear on the class list?

It takes 24 hours for a learner's name not to show after the status was changed to "left". Simply generate the class list with the date of the next day.

How do I access the excel reports

Go to My school > Learners > Learners and click on excel reports. Make sure you click on "enable editing" when the excel sheets open. Check under which heading you find the information related to your needs. Click on GO and if you would like to view the data, click on the number to expand the data. 

Why am I not able to mark a teacher/staff member as 'left'?

If a school copied curriculum from year to year, the teacher/staff member might still be linked to subject groups at My School | Curriculum | Subject Groups. Replace this person with the new one that joined the school. Remember to do the same in all terms.

Why does a 'left' learner's name still appear on a class list?

The date left is seen as the last day that the learner is in the school. The learner will still show on the class list for the "left date". Simply generate the class list with the date of the next day.


Principal's signature

The Principal Signature is not showing on the report card and I am not sure how to put it on.
The school must send us their signature in a jpeg format and we as Admin will import it onto D6+

The pass requirements for the grade 10 report are incorrect as they must say 50% for all subjects

Copy the existing decision method and edit it according to what they want and link the decision guideline and recalculate the Term decisions.

Can I copy previous year formulas to the current year
Yes, click on My School > Curriculum > Copy Learning Programs.
Make sure the block is ticked at the ‘Copy Formulas’ option. Please note: this can only be done when using the Copy YEAR to YEAR function.

Can additional subjects be created

If you need to create an additional Subject, the support team has to create it. Please send an email request to
Indicate clearly the Grade, Subject and Lurits number of the required subject.

Why doesn’t a staff member’s name appear on the list where subjects must be linked

The staff member's profile and user rights may not be created on the system. (The School Administrator of the system must create staff member profiles).

On the Report card: Why does the school re-open date appear wrong

The date is incorrect on your Term Setup.
Please go to My School > General > Terms and correct the date by double-clicking in the block where you want to change the date.

Why do subjects not show on the report cards even though I entered marks

Please check if the subjects are allocated subject groups at My School > Curriculum > Subject groups.

Why are marks not showing on the report cards

Make sure marks are entered at My School. Learners> Marks.
At My School > Curriculum > Learning Program Setup make sure the weights on step 2 correlates with the weights on step 5.

Some of the learners have the wrong verdict, they progress when they shouldn't

Please go to My School > Curriculum > Term decisions or at the end of the year Final Decisions.
On the page choose the grade and then click on recalculate.

Can I Copy the Learning Program?

Yes, you can: Copy either year to year or term to term.
Make sure you read the options carefully.
During the year, with term to term copying, it is wise to only copy the learning programme but only the subject choices, subject groups, Marks capturing rights and class grouping.
When you are using a preset curriculum you will not be able to copy the learning programme but only the subject choices, subject groups, Marks capturing rights and class grouping.

Why does a learner who was made left still show on the class list

The learner is still present for today. He will only be taken off the list the day after today.

A learner has left the school but he still shows on the subject schedules

Please go to My School > Curriculum > Subject Choices > Per Subject.
Choose the grade and term/s the learner should be removed from.
Scroll through the learners in the right-hand side block and look for the learner who should be removed, left learners show in light grey.
Put the learner back to the left-hand side block for all subjects and all terms he is no longer at the school.

I have a preset Curriculum. Why is noting set up in my Setup Learning Programme?

Please go to My School > Curriculum > Setup learning Programme, choose the grade and term. Click on step 1 and choose the subjects. Click on submit.
The rest of the curriculum will now be set up automatically.

Why must Subject formulas be linked

Subject-specific formulas must be linked in order for the System to automatically calculate the Promotion Mark in Term 4 for a specific subject.  Subject-Specific Formulas can only be linked to one subject and Template Formulas can be linked to multiple subjects.

Remarks on the report: I do not want to create a generic remark but want to type a personal message for every learner

Please navigate to My School > Learners > Remarks on typing personal messages for a learner.

Why is the remark not printing on a report card

When printing remarks on report cards, click on Reports > Learners > Report Cards. Select the relevant template and ‘edit’. Click on the tab called ‘Remarks’. Tick the tick box under ‘Print teacher remarks’.

How can I search for specific remarks that I created

Click on My School > Curriculum > Remarks.
Type your keyword in the Filter box.

Where do I change the ordering of subjects on the progression schedule

The "DOE Ordering" field (Department of Education) on Subjects IS PRESCRIBED IN SA-SAMS.  Go to My School > Curriculum > Subjects.  To edit a subject’s DOE ordering (the order in which the subject must appear on the Progression Schedule):  Click on the applicable subject line - it will open up the data grid.  Change the "DOE Ordering" field to it’s required value.

Why does the system display a ‘subject type weights’ message when entering marks? (Although learner names are displayed)

Click on ‘Ok’,
You will be navigated to My School > Curriculum > Setup Learning Program, Step 2: Setup Subjects. Add the missing weights and remember to click on "Accept Changes" to save the changes.

Why does the system display a ‘no learners set up for this subject’ message when entering marks? (Learner names are not displayed)

Click on ‘Ok’,
You will be redirected to My School > Curriculum > Subject Choices > Per Subject. Link the relevant learners by clicking on the names and moving them to the right. Click on ‘save’. After the changes are saved, you will be able to enter marks.

Why is my Retention Schedule blank?

The Retention Schedule is blank because your Promotion Formulas are not setup. The Retention Schedule is designed to work only with the Promotion Formula.
Click on My School > Curriculum > Template Formulas or Subject Specific Formulas to do the setup.

Why are the Subject names generated in the wrong Home Language on the report card:

The Subject / Component / Assessment name that prints on the report card is referenced from the “Alias” name at Step 2, Step 4 and Step 6 in the Learning Programme Setup.
Click on My School > Curriculum > Learning Programme Setup.
Double click on the “Alias” name and change the wording.
Click on the "accept changes"  button.

Why are Verdicts and/ or Endorsements not displayed on the report cards?

Check that the decision guidelines are linked at My School > Curriculum > Decision guidelines.

Is the set up of Effort Ratings compulsory for DOE schools?

No, Effort ratings can be set up by schools who want to show them on the report card.

Where can I do Attendance Confirmations on d6?

Please go to My School > Learners > Attendance Confirmations.

At the moment Attendance Confirmations is compulsory only in the Western Cape Province, for schools who use CEMIS.

Please go to My School > Learners > Learners and choose the learner by clicking on the edit button.

Choose the learners tab, and scroll down on the page up to the field "Lerner receives education in", choose SNE ( As part of mainstream) 
Click on save changes at the bottom of the screen.
You will now be able to link the learner to subjects of different grades.


Why can't I capture marks for certain subject even when the marks capturing rights are allocated and subject groups?

This could be because there are marks captured on already on a different level.  Check at My School > Learners > Marks > Enter Marks per Group.
All marks should be entered on the same level (colour) for each subject. 

Why can't I find a learner in a class when capturing marks?

The learner might not have the subject and/or not be allocated to the subject group at My School > Curriculum > Subject Group Allocation.

Why does the Grade Average does not display on the report card when marks are being pulled from the Formulas?

Check that Decision Guidelines are linked at My School > Curriculum > Decision Guidelines


Cannot Import bank Statement

Make sure the date of the downloaded statement matches the date the system says you need to download it from. Make sure the correct format is downloaded. Make sure the correct month is selected on the system to import. If all three steps have been taken and the statement still does not want to import, send the statement as well as a pdf statement to

Consolidate bank statement

Remember that you must first import your bank statement of the next month before you can close the previous month. Make sure all transactions that are on the left are either green, or blue or yellow. Make sure there are no right-side transactions linked to a left-hand transaction for the following/next month. For example, if your statement is for September, there may not be an October transaction linked to September and visa versa. If there were card transactions on the last day of September that should be linked to the 1st of October, leave them as orange and reconcile. The transactions will then automatically transfer to October and then they can be linked

Change Budget Category 

Go to Finance > General Ledger > Accounts > Select Account > Edit > Change Budget Category By Clicking on the dropdown > Save

Cannot reconcile bank statement per month.
Unlink all transactions linked together from different months. e.g July transactions linked to August.

How do I reconcile a bank account with no transactions

You would make a payment and receipt out for R1.00, when this is done you will be able to reconcile the bank account.

Need to split account statements for learners in one family.

 If it's the same accountable person, then duplicate the info and select different one on each learner's profile. Account statement are only split when t's different accountable persons.

Cannot generate account statement for a left learner.

Generate statement as on the left date of the learner.

How to view statements of left learners

Finances > Account > By select debtor account, select: Closed > Type in family code > Click on balance > Filter date from 1 January 2019 till today > Preview 

I deposited a card receipt as cash and now I don't balance

If you accidentally posted a card transaction as haven't made a deposit on the system yet, you can cancel the receipt. However, if you have already done a deposit on the system, you would have to short bank at the bank with that receipt amount and then link the deposit transaction and the card transaction together so that they balance

I posted a payment incorrectly and I now need to cancel the payment

The only way to cancel a payment is to issue a receipt on the same day, to the same bank account and to the same general ledger account. This receipt will then cancel out your payment and you can re-issue the payment correctly

I posted a creditor payment directly to a general ledger account instead of the creditor

You can go to Finances > Creditors > Journals > Do An Adjustment > Choose Creditor > Continue > Choose Date Of Payment > Choose General Ledger Account To Which Payment Was Made To  > Choose Debited > Enter Amount > Choose Reason > Enter Description > Allocate Against Outstanding Invoice > Continue


d6 connect news item replies, where do I view this 

My school > Communication > News Item > Double click on the item that parents replied to > Double click on the question e.g.  "Will you attend the meeting? Yes/No"

Two tabs will display:

Summary - to show total Yes/No
Answers: Display individual parent answers. These can be exported to Excel to print the list.

d6 Connect Password 

The SMS is not received when I click "I forgot my password"
Check the spam/blocked messages.

d6 Connect Parent installation document

When parents struggle to register, direct them to the Parent Support team who can be contacted on the "Need help?" link on the registration screen. We set up a document that you can edit and add your school logo to, which can be sent to parents to assist with the registration. Download on the following link: Parent registration help

Staff members are not able to follow the App. The only way is if a school load their staff members as 'Other Contacts' on the Plus system at My School | Other Contacts. These Staff members should then be linked as 'Other Contacts' in a channel (My School | Communication | Communication Channels) and invited to link to the school with a token number (My School | Communication | d6 Connect Setup - Invitations). The only way for staff members to follow homework is if the homework is also published as Resources. To make it more clear to end-users (parents and staff as 'other contacts'), create sensible Resource Categories for Home for each Grade (My School | Communication | Resource Categories).

Can a learner register as a follower of himself/herself, if none of his/her parents are registered?
It's possible - the OTP goes to the cellphone of the parent as captured on d6+, and as long as they can get the OTP, they can follow themselves. Whether the parents are registered on the app or not doesn't affect the process.
They will see marks, discipline and resources but not direct messages sent to the parent.


Why does the Code of Conduct display per year and not per term

The Conduct ‘tab’ is dynamically based on how your school’s Code of Conduct is setup. You can choose over which period the accumulated totals expire (Monthly, Per term, Bi-annually or annually), this will determine how your conduct summary will appear. 
To change the accumulated totals expiry period, click on My School > General > School Setup
Note: Changes should not be made to an existing and already in use code of conduct during the year. It will affect historical entries!
You will see that there is a ‘Code of Conduct Information’ field where you can change the "accumulated totals expires".
Using the drop-down you can select an alternative time period, Per term, Monthly, arrow Bi-Annually or yearly.
Click on the "save" button, to save your changes.

I have done the setup for an Action, but do not receive a task to generate discipline letters

The task will show only on the Code of Conduct tasks of the Disciplinary head.
Edit the action and make sure that the minimum value of the points is not too high.  For example, if you made the minimum value of the point eg. -50 and most of your conduct items have a value of -1, the learner has to have 50 violations before the letter will be generated.  Make the minimum value of the points less, eg. -15 or increase the value of the conduct items from -1 to eg. -5.


Why does the report I generated not show but I do get the green tick mark that says it has been generated:

Your computer sees the preview as an advertisement and blocks the Pop-up.
Please go to My Home > Check Pop up Blocker for instructions to fix this problem.

How to download Zoho assist

Go to My Home > Download and install Zoho assist.
Enter the Session ID provided by the d6+ consultant
Allow access to the d6+ consultant

Where can I see SMS replies:

My School > Communication > Replies will show the sms's sent and replies received for the user that is logged in.

How many characters can one SMS be?

SMS messages can be accommodated with up to 612 characters (maximum 4 parts) - just note that messages longer than 160 characters will be delivered in multiple message parts, so the cost is calculated per message part and not per SMS

IMPORTANT NOTE: Any ASCII characters (e.g. <Alt> + 136 for ê) used in an SMS, will push up the sms size to 3 parts and more, even if you typed less that 160 characters!


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