General Inquiries

General Inquiries

My School > Communication > General Enquiries

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This function allows the School to view and manage Enquiries that they receive from Parents using the d6 Connect app.

How to switch the General Enquiries Function On and Off 

If you go to My School > Communication > d6 Connect Setup and click on the Settings tab, you will find "other settings" at the bottom of the screen.
On this tick box, you can switch the General Enquiries function on or off. When the tick box is ticked the function is enabled.

Receive an email when a new General Enquiry is received. 

On My School > Staff > Staff > open a staff record > Communication Rights, a selected staff member can be indicated to receive an email when a new enquiry is sent by a parent. The dedicated staff member will therefore not have to check the list unless an email notifies him/her about a new enquiry. 

How to read, answer and manage General Enquiries

If your General Enquiries function is enabled go to My School > Communication > General Enquiries.
The first field that you see at the top of the page allows you to choose which Enquiries you want to display: Unread Enquiries, Unanswered Enquiries, Answered Enquiries and All Enquiries.
Under each of these headings you will be able to view the list of that heading underneath.
The messages under "Unread" will display either in Red colour or Black colour.
The messages in Red colour are new messages that have not been read or answered. As soon as you double-click on the message and read it it will appear in black. Black colour messages are messages that have been read but not answered. 
When you choose Unanswered Enquiries you will find the messages that need to be answered. Just double-click on the enquiries to open them so you can answer them.
On the "Answered Enquiries" you have a list of all answered enquiries for your records to refer back to if necessary.
On the " All Enquiries" heading you will find all enquiries on one list.

My Home > My Tasks (Communication Tasks) : A task will be displayed informing the user of general enquiries submitted via d6 Connect. Click on the hyperlink to view the general enquiries directly.

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