Import Contacts

Import Contacts

My School > General > Import Contacts

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Use this screen to import other contacts from an Excel file. Please note that it must be an Excel file and NOT a CSV-format.

Download the Excel-Template File which you can use to capture all your other contacts.


  1. The entity id must be left blank to create a new contact. If filled in, the existing contact with that id will be updated.
  2. The country calling code must not include a +, e.g. 27 and not +27
  3. A comma-delimited list of channels can be included to import / create / update channels with users
  4. Date of Birth can be input either as yyyy-mm-dd or yyyy/mm/dd
  5. The import file has to include either an email address or cell phone number or both
  6. ID Number should be a 13 digit South African ID Number 
  7. If no Title is supplied, the system will default to “Mr”

After capturing your other contacts on the template import it by choosing Entity ID, ID Number or Ref No
The selection you make on the Import Record Identifier indicates which column on your excel file or import file should be used to identify records in order to update them
Click on choose file and navigate to your downloads or where you have saved the file then click on the Import button.
After importing you other contacts list will be updated.

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