Learner Absentees

Learner Absentees


My School > Learners > Absentees  

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Absenteeism of learners is captured for various reasons:
  • Attendance statistics for the Department of Education
  • To indicate the number of days a learner was absent on various reports
  • Incentives for classes where students obtained 100% attendance
  • Certificates for learners with 100% attendance
  • Therefore please ensure that absentees are captured accurately as it affects many other processes.

Note: Make sure that the terms and holidays are set up correctly before you begin to enter absences.

How to enter or remove learner absentees

  • Please note that learner absentees will be entered based on the different groupings available: 
  • You will be able to select per Register Class or per Learner.
  • We will explain the Register Class option. The rest of the options are self-explanatory.
  • Select the Register Class for which you would like to enter the absentees by clicking on the “radio button” (circle) next to the grade and then click on the blue "select"  button or you can simply click on the blue arrow button next to the relevant grade. 
  • Select the date from the beginning of the applicable week by selecting from the relevant drop-down boxes (It must be a Monday)
  • If you want to list all learners on the next page, change the “Show all learners”=option to Male, Female or Both to show the entire class list. 
    • If you selected ‘No’ for the ‘Show all learners’ option, click on the drop-down box at "Select a learner" and select the learner who was absent.
  • The day of the week is displayed. Tick the relevant block/s to select the day/s on which the learner was not present.
  • A "tick" will show in the block.
  • Remember to select the reason for absence by clicking on the drop-down box.  
  • Various reasons will appear on the screen. Additional reasons can be added at My School > General > Absent reasons.
  • Select the relevant reason for the absence.
  • The setup of your school for sending SMS messages for absentees must be done under MY SCHOOL | GENERAL | SCHOOL SETUP (Absentees Information).
  • If it is set up to send SMS messages for absentees, the option of choosing parent 1 or 2 will appear to send the SMS to.
  • You must now select if you would like to SMS parent 1, parent 2 or both parents to inform that the learner was absent from school.
Please note that the setup under MY SCHOOL > GENERAL > SCHOOL SETUP (Absentees Information) will already select the correct parent/s.
  • If your system has been set up to send SMS messages for absentees, your system will create a task under the “ Communication Tasks”.
  • Once you have finished capturing the absentees, you need to check your tasks to release the SMS'.
    Go to My Home > Tasks.
  • Click on the ‘here’ to view the list of absentee SMS’S that need to be sent.
  • In the event that a learner was absent for more than one day in a week, you can select if you would like to send ‘A separate SMS for each day absent’ or ‘One SMS for the Week’s absentees’.
  • Select for which learner’s you would like to send SMS' by click on the tick-box next to the left of the relevant learners.
  • The following message will appear at the bottom of the screen with the total number of SMS’s to be sent:
  • "You are going to send 8 SMS messages."
  • All messages that are not clicked will be deleted when the SMS's are sent and cannot be recovered.
  • At the bottom of the screen click on " SMS Parents".
  • On the very right of the page click and hold on the "scroll bar" and scroll to the top of the page.
  • You will find a pink block AT THE TOP OF THE PAGE where you will be warned that unmarked SMSs will BE DELETED.

Frequently Asked Questions

 Why can I not capture absentees on certain days?

If the dates of the week do not display or do not display correctly it means the day might be outside your term dates which means that your terms and holidays are not set up correctly.
Absentees for learners can only be read in for a set term. Go to My School > General > Terms, to set up the correct dates for your school terms.

Please note: Absentees can also be entered under Whereabouts go to My School > Learners > Whereabouts and click on the " magnifying glass" to the left of the learner's name. At the top of the screen, you will find the option to enter the absentee.

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