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The Learners function is central to the collection of the school's administrative data. In this section, all demographics, contact information and account information on learners and parents/guardians can be captured, edited and deleted.

The enrollment of a learner consists of a 6 - step process, but it ensures that the Family, Learner, Financial and Parents information is captured in detail for further use by other modules of the system.
This information should be captured before financial transactions or administrative actions relating to the learner can take occur, such as a class list, marks or absenteeism.

The system also facilitates LSEN learners (Learners with Special Educational Needs) 'weights’: All learners weights are set to a value of 1:00, but can be adjusted on the 2nd page of the learner's screen, under the Education disabilities block (Value between 1 and 9.99).

It is best practice to enrol a learner by using the systems' official enrollment form, registration form or re-registration form. This will ensure that all the data fields are completed in full, in the correct format.

Electronic Registrations via Excel are available as well.  See instructions at the end of the manual.

Register Learners

If a learner registers for the first time at your school and will start attending your school in the current year, you can capture the learner's information here.
You are able to register a learner for future years as well and put them on a waiting list. Make sure that the "Admission date" is in the future year.
Click on the "Register Learner" button.
There will now be 6 steps that you should follow to enrol a learner.
You will not be able to proceed to the following step unless you have completed the current step.
It is extremely important to complete all steps thoroughly for future transactions on the system.

1. Family Information:

If this is the first learner of the family in the school choose the "New Family" option.
If there is already a sibling of this learner in the school choose the "family code" of the sibling.

2. Learner information:

Choose the “family status”, for example, single parent (divorced), single parent (never married), single parent (widow/widower) etc.

Please note that when you choose one of the "single parent" options you will have the option on the "Second Parent" Page to choose "no other parent" option and then you do not need to enter another parent's details.

For exceptions with “Overwrite eldest/only with new learner” note the following:
If for example, you register a set of twins with the names Adriaan and Benita the system will place Adriaan first and then Benita.
But if Benita is more reliable with receiving the school letters you can select YES when enrolling Benita to your school.
However, should Adriaan be more reliable with receiving the school letters then you can select NO when enrolling Benita to your
  • Fields marked with a red asterisk * are compulsory.
  • The system will not proceed to the next step if the marked fields are not completed.
  • Note that a "-" or "x" can be entered into fields that you don't have the information for at the moment.
  • Make sure that your school captures as much as possible, correct and complete information of the learner to ensure that the learner's details can be correctly submitted to LURITS (ID numbers, ethnicity, and tuition language is critical).
  • If a learner is a South African citizen an ID number is compulsory.
  • A warning will show if the number has been allocated to another learner already, or if the number is not validating. In this case, ensure that the birth date and the first 6 numbers of the ID -number correlate and that the gender is indicated correctly according to digits 7-10 in the ID number. 0-4999 indicates females and 5000-9999 males. If the number still does not validate, you can still save the record to attend to later. 
  • If the learner is not a South African Citizen choose the correct Nationality in the drop-down menu and enter the passport number, an ID number will no longer be compulsory.
  • The registration date is the date the learner registers at your school, it can be today's date.
  • The admission date is the day the learner will start going to your school.
  • If the learner is registering for the next year's admission you will enter the future years' date here. The learner will then be on a waiting list until he/she is admitted to a certain class.
  • Please also check that the “years in grade" and “years in phase” are correct.
  • For schools in the Western Cape, it is important to ensure that you capture the CEMIS number for each learner.
Billing information:
Here you can choose what payment options are linked to the specific learner.
Some of the options are mandatory and others are optional - it depends on how the billing categories of the payment option are set up.

Payment Options:
Click on the desired option and then click on the double arrow to the right to link the option to the learner.
If you linked the incorrect option, you can select the option again from the right-hand side box and use the double arrow to the left you can de-link it from the learner.

Please note that you can only de-link a payment option from a learner immediately after you have linked an option, however, once the information is stored and you would like to edit this information, you will only be able to do so on step 3 - The billing screen, by changing all of the month's fees to R0.

Health Information:
For any chronic diseases, allergies or medications used, select from the predefined list on the left-hand side using the scrolling arrows and click on the double arrow to the right to allocate them.
To add a New chronic disease/ Allergy/ Medication click on the "Add" button and it will appear in the right-hand block and you can link it to the learner. If you moved the wrong option to the right, the double arrow to the left can be clicked to remove the option from the learner.

3. Billing:

The information should be pre-populated based on your payment option and debit order settings. 
You can change the fees, discounts, exemptions, debit order methods and debit order amounts.
For example, if a learner joins your school in the middle of the month and you only want to charge him 50% of the full fee, you can change the amount in the blocks.
You will notice that this screen has columns for Fee, Discount, and Exemption. The Fee column will always show, however the discount and exemption columns are optional based on the way in which your payment options were set up.

4. Parent 1:

If you capture the Father's details in step 4, then you must capture the mother's details in step 5 or vice versa.
In the case of a single parent please enter the parent's detail at Parent 1 and then at Parent 2 the option will be available to choose "no other parent".
Make sure your school captures as much as possible correct information about the parent such as ID numbers and ethnicity so that the information can be submitted LURITS correctly.
If the Parent is a South African Citizen please enter the valid ID number.
If the parent is not a citizen please make sure you enter the Relevant Nationality and then the Passport number at both the ID and Passport fields.
To add a 3rd or 4th parent go to MY SCHOOL > PARENTS > PARENTS click on "Load a Parent" at the top of the screen and choose the family code the parent needs to be added to.

5. Parent 2:

Step 5 is a repeat of Step 4, just for the other parent/guardian of the learner.
Please note that should there be no other parent (in the case of a single parent or deceased parent), you must select the option - ‘No other Parent’.

6. Accountable Person:

In step 6, you need to identify the person who is responsible for the school account.
Using the drop-down arrow you will be able to select the accountable person.
The parent/guardians names that you captured in step 4 and step 5 will display.
If the accountable person is not the parent /guardian, you can select ‘Other’ - A new screen will appear for you to capture the accountable person’s details.
Click on the "Save learner" button. You have now successfully registered a new learner.
If you would like to save the learner and then continue to allocate subjects to the learner, click on the "Save learner and add subjects" button.

Electronic Registrations

New learner information can be imported from an Excel template. The school could enter the details directly into the template or
create an online form that parents complete from where the contents can be imported into the template file.
The template can be downloaded at My School > Learners > Learners > Import Learners-button.

Import File-tab

Excel Template file

  1. Click the link at the top of the page, to download the Excel Template. 
  2. Please note the following:
The template contains the following sections, indicated by different colours in the headings: 

     Learner information

     Parent 1 information

     Family information

     Parent 2 information (leave empty if no second parent)

     Next of kin information (not parent 1 or parent 2)

     Doctor information

     Accountable payer information

The country calling code must not include a +, e.g. 27 and not +27
Date of Birth can be input either as yyyy-mm-dd or yyyy/mm/dd

  1. Enter all the necessary Learner and Parent information in one line on the template into the template, or import information from an electronic form that the parents completed online. 
  2. You can create your own Google form following the instructions below, or ask your IT-team to create a registration form for your school on a similar platform. D6 does not create these form on behalf of the school.   
  3. After entering all the information on the template, click the "Choose file"-button to select the saved, completed template file.
  4. Click on "Import" to import the learner and parent information into d6+.

Imported Data-tab

  1. The information collected from the template is displayed on this screen.
  2. Colour codes will indicate any outstanding, missing or incorrect data.
    1.      The parent already exists on the d6+ system
    2.      The record has missing or incorrect detail
    3.      This information is affected by missing information in another field
    4.      The information in this field is not compulsory and can also be completed in the system after the import is completed
  3. Correct any incorrect or missing detail by editing the record.
  4. To edit a record, select the checkbox at the left of the record and click the "Edit"-button. 
  5. To remove incorrect records, select the checkbox at the left of the record and click the "Remove learner(s)"-button. 

Create a Google form

  1. If you have a google account, click here to open the Google-forms setup.

Create the registration form

  1. Start with a blank form or use one of the available template examples.
  2. Edit the form to create a suitable header, maybe with your school logo.
  3. Add a welcome note and description in the form of a paragraph.
  4. Add additional instructions and questions by selecting the relevant option on the menu on the right of the form.

  5. The question's wording must be exactly the same as the column headings in the template, to ensure that the information imports correctly.
  6. To add a question, click the + in the menu shown above. Indicate the type of answer that should be entered.
    Choose between Multiple choice, Drop-down, Short answer, Paragraph, etc. 

  7. Click here to see a sample form. 

View Responses

  1. The google account that owns the form, will be able to view responses on the Responses-tab

  2. The responses can be viewed in a Google sheet or downloaded as a *.csv file that can be opened in Excel. 
  3. The information in the Google sheet or Excel spreadsheet can be copied into the Registration template that is used to import Learner and Parents information into d6+.

Frequently asked questions:

Discount on school fees for Individual Learners:

Search for the learner you would like to allocate the discount to. Go to step 3 of the learners' setup process.

Exemption (subsidy) on school fees:
Parents who cannot afford to pay school fees can receive a partial or full exemption from paying school fees. Exemption depends on the income of the parents in relation to school fees.

Exemption (Individual):
Can only be linked per learner and not to a group of learners, due to the fact that each learner qualifies for an exemption based on their personal and unique circumstances.
Search for the learner you would like to make changes to, go to step 3 Billing.
The learner must be linked to a payment option that makes a provision for discount and Exemption.
In the ‘Exemption’ column, type in the amount of the exemption that is allocated to the learner.
Click on "Register Learner", click on the drop-down arrow in the "new family" block and choose the existing family to which the new learner must be linked's family code.
Click on continue and complete the steps that follow.

How do I enrol a learner who needs to be placed on a waiting list?

If a learner enrols at your school but will only start at the school in the following year, the learner will need to be placed on a waiting list. You can choose if the learner must be placed on Waiting list A or B.
Full reporting to the Department of Education in terms of interim reports waiting list numbers are facilitated.
Click on the "Register learner" button and follow the instructions, make sure the admission date is in the next year, choose the
learners grade for the next year and then when you get to the Register Class/ Waitlist field choose between Waitlist A or B.

Please ensure that you fill in the correct registration and admission dates for the learner. The registration date is the date that the learner enrols at your school, while the admission date will be the date that the learner will start attending your school.

 How can I re-admit a learner that left school?

Search for the learner you would like to re-register.
Click on the radio (circle) button next to the learner you wish to re-admit and click on the learner re-admit button.
Select reason: Here you choose whether the learner is returning to the school and whether the learner never left the school.
The difference between these options is to allow your school to follow the policy regarding the admission numbers.
One option will generate a new admission number for the learner and the other option reserves the learner’s old admission number.
Please note: If you select to re-admit the learner with a "New Admission Number" you will be able to edit the learner's information, including the "Admission Date" of the learner.
If you select "Learner never left school (keep admission number)" you will not be able to edit the Learners "Registration and Admission dates.
If a school wants to change the admission date of a learner they must mark the learner as LEFT and NOT as DUPLICATE and then Re-admit the learner with a new admission number, you will then be able to specify a new admission date.

Can I send an account statement to someone other than the ‘Accountable Person?

It is possible to send an account statement to someone other than the ‘Accountable Person’,
However, take note of the following:
If one of the Parents/Guardians is also the ‘Accountable Person’ the option to ‘Receive a copy of account statement email’ will not be available (The option will then only be available on the alternative parent/guardian).
If the ‘Accountable Person’ is a third party (Not a Parent/Guardian), the option to ‘Receive a copy of account statement email’ will be available for both Parent/Guardian 1 and Parent/Guardian 2.

© Copyright d6 group (Pty) Ltd.

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