Principal Signature

Principal Signature


The principle's signature can be saved in your d6 database to be used when printing Report cards or Achievement Certificates. For security reasons only the Superuser has access to this function when signed in with the superuser username and password.
  1. Ask the principal to do his signature a few times on a blank piece of paper 
  2. Scan the signature and save it as a pdf file.
  3. Make a screenshot of the signature and save it as a *.png file.  Make sure that you have a white background around the signature.
  4. At My school > General > Signature select the saved signature
  5. The signature will be saved immediately. There is no "Save' button.                                                        

TIPS to position the signature on the report card or certificates

  1. If the signature is too large on the report card , try adding some white space on the left and right of the signature.
    From this:
  2. To this:

                                                                                             © Copyright d6 group (Pty) Ltd.

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