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This feature enables you to enter leave for learners who are pregnant, as well as learners who attend school remotely and learners who are not expected at school due to Covid 19 regulations.

How to enter Leave for Learners

- Click on the Learner Leave button, choose whether you want to manage leave for an individual learner, or bulk allocate leave to a group, by clicking on the appropriate tab.

On the Learners tab:
- Click on "Add new" to enter leave for a learner.
- You will find 4 types of learner leave to choose from: Pregnancy, Remote attendance, No School due to Covid 19, and Not attending school as per timetable.
- Choose the from and to dates and you are able to enter a comment if necessary.
- Click on "Save" to save the entry.
Please note: Pregnancy Leave is treated as absenteeism, while Remote attendance, No School due to Covid 19 and Not attending school as per timetable are subtracted from possible attendance. Use these latter options when learners are not expected to be at school, but should not be counted as absent either.
On the All Leave tab:
- Select the following options to view lists of specific Learner Leave that have been allocated previously.
- Grade
- Register Class
- From and To dates
- Type of leave
- Sports teams to view.

On the Bulk add/remove tab:
- Choose which grade and/or class to allocate leave to.
- Choose the type of leave to allocate, from and to dates, and enter a comment if needed.
- You can allocate leave to a specific gender or learners whose surnames start with specific letters.
- Click on Submit to allocate leave to all the selected learners.
- If you made a mistake, click on Remove to delete leave for the selected dates and learners. 

Note: To simplify the bulk allocations, consider setting up the different groups attending on different days as Sports Teams.  If you are not utilising the Sports Teams for athletic teams, allocate the learners to e.g. Group A & B. When allocating Bulk Leave, you will be able to assigned leave to the entire group A or B at once. No need to select individual names. 
Sports Teams are set up at My School  > General > Sports Teams.

Learners on leave and absentees, whereabouts and learner overview.

- When you go to My School > Learners > Absentees and choose a learner and date who already has leave, the leave will be indicated next to the learner's name with an umbrella icon and you will not be able to enter further absentees for the learner on these dates.
- On the My School > Learners > Whereabouts screen, the learners who have leave entered will appear in pink and when you choose the leaner to enter whereabouts you will not be able to enter whereabouts for these dates.
- On My School > Learners > Learner Overview choose the learner and click on the Attendance tab to view the learner leave as well as absentees.
- You will be able to access the leave details quickly on the My School > Learners > Learners screen as well, by clicking on the green umbrella icon to the left of the learner's name.

Learner Leave on Reports

- Reports > Learners > Absentees on the "Date range" option, the absence and leave for a learner will be included in the report as well as on the Learner (Current) option.
- Reports > Learners > Attendance the leave is included in the totals of actual attendance.
- Reports > Learners > Whereabouts Report, both absentees and leave are included in the report.
- Reports > Learners > Attendance registers, learners on leave will be grayed out on the dates they are on leave.

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