Import Lurits Files

Import Lurits Files

My School > Compliance > Import Lurits Files

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LURITS Numbers

The only way to obtain learner LURITS numbers in bulk for learners and educators is to submit the deployed SA-SAMS database regularly to the district office so that it can be submitted to LURITS on behalf of the school by the Department. XML LURITS feedback files should then be returned to the school or district office for collection by the school. Please follow up regularly as this relates to migration statistics.

Unfortunately, schools have only received it once a year in recent years, so it makes sense to argue this should the provincial EMIS Department issue a related quality report finding to the school. The 'Identifiers' icon is therefore red in the Valistractor, but it does not affect the overall result percentage.

LURITS files should only be imported on d6+, NOT in SA-SAMS.

Compliance task on My School > Compliance > Outstanding Compliance Tasks that shows the total of learners without LURITS numbers or invalid numbers, for example:

These numbers must contain 9 digits. Verify and correct or remove incorrect length instances, so that LURITS can assign new numbers.

Numbers with the second number as a ‘9’’ are temporary. Please do not remove them unless reported as Error 16 ‘Learner number does not exist on LURITS National Database’. LURITS needs to assign permanent numbers for these by itself.

LURITS numbers can also be captured individually per learner. The Department is supposed to issue feedback files per term as per its policy.

When you click on the outstanding task it will take you to a list of these learners, you can click the learner name that is hyperlinked to correct their information. 

If the learner does not have a hyperlink that Lurits number cannot be found on the system

After you have imported your files, go back to the Compliance Tasks to see how many learners remain without LURITS numbers

.TXT files: the school needs to view these files and follow up on the errors with your district office.

Importing LURITS data on the d6+ system

Unzip the compressed file into a folder - there will be multiple .TXT and .XML files or there will be the relevant files to update your school

Please note that the date in the file ‘20220622’ as per the above example was the date that Lurits processed the files. We do not know how old this data is and this may be why LURITS numbers do not update - learners may have left since the data was submitted to LURITS, etc.

You need to import all the Tx4, Tx5, Tx7, Tx9, Tx12, Tx13, Tx14 and Tx16 .XML files. We are aware EMIS might send more than one of each Tx File. Even if the first imports zero records, continue to import the next file as that may be where the updates are found.


There is no need to import the .TXT files.

Feedback File types and updates

Transaction Category Code



School Maintenance (School Level)


Learner Registration: First time, without LURITS numbers


Learner Registration: Transfer-in, with LURITS numbers


Learner Maintenance: Biographical updates


Learner Maintenance: Transfer-out


Learner Maintenance: Performance


Learner Maintenance: Delete


Learner Maintenance: Promotion


Educator Registration


Educator Maintenance: Update


Educator Maintenance: Delete


Educator Maintenance: Leaving school


Educator Maintenance: Reactive


Due to the delay in receiving LURITS feedback files, we are still in a catch-up phase for feedback files in all provinces. As a result, we believe that it is acceptable if only a certain total of records are updated when files are imported. This could be due to the fact that feedback files received now are quite overdue and records in d6+ could have changed in the meantime. The next set of feedback files received could, therefore, address the remaining totals outstanding for learners without numbers in future.

My School > Compliance > Importing LURITS Numbers

The Department can only generate LURITS feedback files for schools that submit SA-SAMS databases regularly and as expected by the policy.

If you do not see the ‘Import LURITS files’ icon, please email support to activate it on d6+ for your school. Once actioned, log out and log in again. The icon should now appear.

Please select XML files only and upload or import them individually in the logical date sequence contained in the file name.

The number of d6+ records updated should indicate the total number of records processed. 

The last imported files and dates/times will be displayed (with error feedback applicable)

When there are Learner Errors code 16, you can click the blue hyperlink to edit the specific learner profile

There is a ‘Print’ option that will generate a report of all files imported and errors. This should be printed and kept as proof of import and filed in the School EMIS file. It can be used to fill in the DBE Excel LURITS Template if required by your district.

Left Learners

If there are errors for LURITS numbers on a left learner please contact support for it to be corrected

SA-SAMS Module 17

In SA-SAMS Learners with and without tracking (LURITS) numbers are shown. See the two buttons at the top right.

We also include all records in the database, whether learners or educators have LURITS numbers or not.

Possible Errors: Reasons why the status is unsuccessful or an error occurred:


Error Description

Corrective action for d6+


Record not found

LURITS number could be incorrectly captured. Please check and correct it. The learner’s ID should also be checked to ensure a matching record can be found.


Duplicate record found

Determine the correct learner and remove the LURITS number for the other incorrect one.


Provisional transfer-out record found

The new learner in your school has not been assigned a new LURITS number as yet.


Possible duplicate learners found

Learner data seems to be duplicate. We’ve seen this happen with twins.


Learner registered in another province

The previous school (in another province) must first report the learner as ‘Archived’ or ‘Left’ in SA-SAMS.


The schema structure did not validate

An error was found in the files generated by SA-SAMS and submitted to the Department. There may be a .TXT file with the same name providing more information.


The EMIS number does not exist

The school's EMIS Number does not exist and could be incorrect. Please verify it. If shorter than 9 digits, please delete the number so LURITS can assign a new one.


The LURITS school status is invalid

The Department has changed the status of the school. Please contact your district office.


The sequence number is invalid

Sequence numbers are no longer used to validate LURITS submissions, and this error shouldn't occur anymore.



Please contact in order to escalate it for an investigation.


Not currently available in the version of the Third-party specification document on the Thutong website.


Learner number does not exists on LURITS National Database

Remove incorrect LURITS numbers from the learner profile and submit without a number for LURITS to assign a new number


If required, complete the DBE Excel LURITS Template, sign, stamp and return.

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