Manage Communication Rights

Manage Communication Rights

My School > Communication > Manage Communication Rights

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Use this function to manage who has access to specific modules in d6 Connect. These rights refer to Resources, Calendar Events and Homework, but does not restrict contributors to send d6 Connect messages (News items).

The Program Rights Administrator (Superuser) can assign Communication rights to staff members. After a Staff member has been assigned as a Communications Administrator , he/she will also be able to assign Communication Rights to other staff members.

  • Click My School > Staff > Staff

  • Edit the profile of the relevant staff member.

  • Communication rights information: Choose relevant communication roles as explained below.

  • Choose ‘Yes’ at ‘May use d6 Connect and d6 function’. This allows the user to send newsfeeds and use other selected functions.

  • Program rights information: Choose ‘view and change’ for  ‘Manage communication channels and communication categories’ and ‘Manage contact persons’.

If a person has "View and Change" rights at "1.1.1 Manage Communication Channels and Communication Categories" they will be automatically be assigned "Administrator" Communication Rights.
IMPORTANT:  If  a contributor receives rights to enter Homework for a subject group, they will automatically receive Marks Capturing rights for the same subject group.
Therefor, if a staff member should not be able to capture marks for these subject groups, please remove the subject group from My School > Curriculum > Marks Capturing Rights.

Administrator Role:
  1. Administrators are the only ones besides the Program rights administrator (Superuser) that can assign a roles to other staff members.
  2. Administrators and Moderators have access to all Resources, all Calendars and Events and all Homework Subject groups.

Administrator tasks:

  • User account status: upon selecting “Active”, the Username and Password can be set up per user.

  • If the user’s cell phone number and/or email address were entered, the login details may be sent to the user via text message or email.

  • Select the default system language for each user. The user will be able to change the system language afterwards.

  • Assign a communication role to a contributor. There is a choice of four roles available: Author, Editor, Moderator and Administrator.

    • An Administrator can perform all actions available on the system (except for the allocation of system access, which is the sole responsibility of the Administrator).  

    • A moderator can do everything that an administrator can do, except that he cannot manage users or roles or add channels or calendars.

    • Editors can create, edit and publish his own content in the form of resources and calendar events.

    • Authors are able to create content (resources and calendar events) but are not able to publish such content.

  • Unpublished content (created by other contributors can only be published by moderators and administrators.

  • See the table below for a full breakdown of these access rights:

You can have different moderators for different content:  Example one staff member might be the moderator on Resources and another on Events and another on Homework.
Moderators can assign educators to Calendars and Communication Channels but not apply roles.

Abilities are as follows:

  • Indicate the user rights per user for Communication and Program Information. Keep the following in mind:

    • May use SMS function: The user will be able to send text messages to any contributors or end users.
      A text message sent from the system will be charged per part (160 characters). You will receive an invoice at the end of each month.

    • May use email function: May send emails from the d6+ system.

    • d6 Communication and d6 function: Allow the contributor to send messages to end users via d6 connect.

    • Excel export: Allows the user to export user details to Excel.

    • Organisation/d6 Setup: Allow user to view and/or edit the Organisation details.

    • Communication channels and categories: Allow the user to view or change Communication channels and Categories.

    • Manage contact persons: Allow the user to view or change details of contributors

    • User administration: Allow user to view or change user administration.

    • Click on the “Save”-button, to save the contributor.

    • Please be advised that enabling the Excel export option will amend the Terms & Conditions of the Agreement between d6 education & d6 Communication, to the effect that d6 education and d6 Communication can no longer be held accountable for the safekeeping of your organisation's data.



    • Click on the drop-down arrow and choose the relevant staff member name.

    • Tick the relevant blocks for direct message options.

    • Click on ‘Channel message options’ tab.

    • Choose the Contributor type by clicking on the down-arrow.

    • If you selected ‘Administrator’, all content blocks will automatically be ticked. This contributor will have access to all channels (resources), homework and calendars.

    • If you selected ‘Author’, ‘Editor’ or ‘Moderator’, the screen will change and you will have to select to which of the content the contributor should be allocated to.


    Link to relevant channels and/or tick the block for all channels.


    Link to relevant grade/s, learning programmes and subjects.

    Please note that already allocated marks capturing rights will be linked automatically.


    Link to relevant calendars and/or tick the block for all calendars.

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