Manage School Logos

Manage School Logos

This document explains how to set up your school logo, report card backgrounds and the Principal's signature.

Users with 'View and Change' rights for 1.1 School administration or 2.1.1 Report Card Templates will have access to this option. 

Manage School Logos

These items can be imported in *.jpg or *.png format
This logo will be printed on all reports such as Class lists, Statements, Schedules and report cards where the Standard Letterhead is selected on the report card template.
This logo will print on the Pre-Primary (grade RRRR-R) report cards where the Standard Letterhead is selected on the report card template.

Import report background

If you prefer your own report card background, import an A4 size background saved as a *.jpg or *.png image.   To use this background, select 'Digital letterhead' on the report card template.   This will replace the standard letterhead which is created from your school information in My School > General > School setup and therefore it must include your own logo and letterhead and a watermark, if required.

Import Sponsor logos

Only *.png format can be imported. 

School Logo Settings

This function allows you to modify the logo size by adjusting the pixel width and height of the logo.  As well as the X- and Y-offset.
  1. X offset is the horizontal distance between the left edge of the element and the left edge of the page
  1. Y offset is the vertical distance between the top edge of the element and the top edge of the page

This section will hardly ever be used. The default settings is correct

Headmaster Signature

  1. Only one signature can be stored on the system. Should you wish to print different signatures for different phases, you will have to import a different signature before printing the report cards.
  2. The signature has to be in *.png format to be uploaded. 
  3. Tip: If the signature displays to large, save the signature with some extra white space on the left and right to ensure that it displays smaller on the report card.  For example:

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