Multi-Platform Communication

Multi-Platform Communication

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This feature allows a user to send communication via different mediums without duplication and unnecessary costs. It can send E-mail, SMS and d6 Connect Feed messages with a single action.

To use channels as recipients in this function, go to My School > Communication > Channels.

My School > Communication > Multi-Platform Communication

  1. There is a tab for each type of recipient that will appear as you mark the tick box/es. At least one box must be marked with a tick. Each tab contains options for selecting the type of receiver.When you make selections from the drop down menus , more options will be displayed for you to choose from.

  1. You are able to tick all the boxes or more than one box, as needed.

  1. When you make selections from the drop down menus , more options will be displayed for you to choose from.

Audience: PARENTS

  • Click on the tick box for ‘Parents’.         

  • Make a selection for ‘Parents of these learners’.       

  • Make a selection for ‘Send to the following parents’.

  • Make selections for ‘Parents of type’.

  • Make selections for ‘Parents with learners of gender’.


Audience: LEARNERS

  • Click on the tick box for ‘Learners’. 

  • Make a selection for ‘Type of learners’.        

  • Make selections for option ‘For learners’.

  • Make selections for option ‘For learners with gender’.


Audience: STAFF

  • Click on the tick box for ‘Staff’.  

  • Make a selection for option ‘For staff’.      

  • Make a selection for option ‘Gender’.


Audience: Channels

  • Click on the tick box for ‘Own Channels’.  

  • Make a selection for option ‘For own channels’.         

  • Select the relevant channel.

Audience: DEBTORS

  • Click on the tick box for ‘Debtors’.

  • Make a selection for option ‘For debtors’.     

  • Make selections for option ‘Send based on’.

  • Make selections for option ‘With balance’.


Audience: OWN

  • Click on the tick box for ‘Own’.

  • Type a cell number or e-mail address and click on the 'Add' button. The system will add the cell number or e-mail address and automatically activate it to the right.

 Select your delivery options:
  1. Select your delivery message method.
  2. We suggest that you always choose "Least Costly Method" which will send the same message to all parents with the d6Connect -app first (no cost) , then per email to those that have an email address on the system (no cost), and lastly per sms only to the parents that don't use the d6Connect app and also don't have an email on the system.
  3. You can also choose from several other options like only sms, email, etc.
  4. The total number of people selected to receive the message will be displayed.
  5. The total number of people in selections to receive the message, based on information entered in the system, will be displayed.
  6. A list will be displayed of recipients that won’t receive messages. Click on the hyperlink to see the list which can be exported to Excel.
  7. If you chose to ‘Show recipient details’, a list of recipients will be displayed under the different tabs. Click on the relevant tab to see the recipients.   
  8.  Note: At this stage you as a user will still be able to change your original selections under each column heading. For example: If you wish to untick a previously selected E-mail, click on the tick mark in the tick box to deselect.
  9. Remember that you are able to click on the column heading to sort the information according to your needs.
  10. Click on the 'Next' button.


Select your ‘Message Language’.          

  1. Enter a Subject for your message.
  2. Enter the wording for your message.
  3. Choose whether you want to attach a document to your message.
  4. Click "Add Attachment" to add several attachments that should not exceed 25 MB in total.
  5. Type the appropriate file name for the attachment in the Description line, choose the file and click on submit to add the file to the line. Only one file can be selected at a time, but you can add as many files to the Attachment block as desired (not exceeding 5MB). The system will calculate the total of the attachments for you.     
  6. Important: Preview or customize the message in the applicable delivery options before sendingTick the tick box and your message will be shown in d6 Connect, email and sms format.
    1. d6 Connect message:
      Choose to send a standard message or an Alert that displays a red background.
      Indicate if a Push notification should be sent to inform parents that a new message was received.

    2. Email message:
      Select the reply address for the email. by default, the user's email will be used. Or select the school address or Finance address or a "no-reply" address, in which case the replies will not be received at all.
      Enter your own address at BCC to receive one copy of the email for your records. There is no other way to see the email contents after it was sent.
      The recipient will receive your email with you r school name and logo as a header.

    3. SMS message:
      If applicable, change the date and time that the SMS should be sent.
      ALWAYS check the number of parts for an sms, before sending. You will be charged per part and not per SMS.
      An SMS can not be longer than 4 parts. The rest will be discarded.

  7. Click on the 'Next' button.
Confirm your Action 

  1. Note: Your message hasn’t been sent yet.
  2. A summary of the total messages which will be sent per delivery method, will be displayed.
  3. Click on the hyperlink to view a list of recipients who won’t receive the message.
  4. Click on the 'Send' button. A summary of how the message was delivered, will be displayed. 
  5. If you wish to send another message, click on the 'Send another message' button.

Which user rights should be granted by the Administrator?
Log in using the Superuser login details.
Click on My School > Staff > Staff.
Edit the profile of the relevant user. Scroll down to the ‘Communication rights information’ section.
Select ‘Yes’ to the applicable communication options.
All three options should be selected to utilize the full function.
Note: If you made use of the ‘Preferred communication method’ under My School > Parents > Parents, the applicable option will be used according to the rights granted by the Administrator to the current logged in user.
This means that should a user not have ‘May use sms function’ rights, all relevant sms delivery methods will be eliminated.
Save the changes.


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