Multiple Term Schedule

Multiple Term Schedule

Reports > DOE > Multiple Term Schedules  

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The Multiple Term Schedule has a multi purpose:
  1. To generate a report without marks for internal use.

  2. To do reporting to the Department of Education for more than one term.

This report can be generated per Grade or per Register class.

It is best practice to ensure that the relevant term/s marks are entered fully before the Multiple Term Schedule is generated.


  • Click on Reports > DOE Multiple Term Schedule
  • Select the report content by clicking on the down arrow. You can choose between “With marks” or “Without marks”
  • Select the year
  • Choose whether or not you want to generate the Home Language on the report
  • Choose how Marks Columns must appear on the report.  You can choose between “Percentage and Level”, “Percentage” only or “Level” only
  • Choose which mark types should appear on the report. You can choose between “Term marks” or “Calculated marks”. (Note: If you choose “calculated marks”, the system will refer to the promotion mark setup
  • Select the relevant terms
  • At “print report for” you have to decide whether you want to generate the report per grade or per register class
  • Click on the "Generate Report" button

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can the Multiple Term Schedule be generated without marks?

A: Yes, the Multiple Term Schedule can be generated without marks. 

Click on Reports | DOE | Multiple Term Schedule.

At “report content”, make your selection by clicking on the drop down arrow and choose “Without marks”.

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