My School > Communication > My SMS

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  • Click on My School > Communication > My SMS (a message will be displayed saying "Below is a list of all the SMS messages you have sent. Please click on an entry to view the replies").
(Current year is always the default)
  • A list of all the sms messages that you have sent in the selected year will be populated here. 
  • You will see that the sms message was sent to Parents or Staff or Channels and even to your own number.
  • you will be able to see the date and the time the sms was sent on as well as the Staff member name who sent it.
  • You will also see if the message was sent in Afrikaans or English.
  • You will see how many were sent in the 'Sent to' column.
  • If the parent had replied you will also see the replies received in the Replies column.

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