Performance Analysis

Performance Analysis

The performance analysis report is generated to display marks per subject and on scale level. This report can be generated for the Promotion mark, Merit mark, Year mark or any additional mark type that was created by the school. 

Graphs and scale summaries are indicated.

If no data is available for example the grade, this means your Template Formulas were not setup yet. Do this setup at My School > Curriculum > Template Formulas and/or Subject-Specific Formulas.

Schools that must do submissions to the Department of Education, should set up Subject-Specific Formulas to comply with DOE requirements. This means marks should be entered on the Plus system on at least the Orange level (Task level) throughout the year.

Reports > Learners > Performance Analysis

  1. Choose the Year.
  2. Choose the Mark type.
  3. Choose the Grade.
  4. Select the relevant subject/s and move to the right-hand side.
  5. Click on "Generate".

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