Retention Schedules

Retention Schedules


  • Click on Reports > DOE > Retention Schedule
  • Choose to print the report with or without marks
  • Choose to print the Percentage, Level or Both mark types
  • Choose whether to print original or moderated marks
  • Choose what symbols to print for moderated marks, the option is either none or based on department rules
  • Choose to print a column for age 'yes’ or ‘No’
  • Select the relevant Year
  • Select the relevant Curriculum 
  • Select the specific decision and marks that should be printed on the report, when you choose the option ‘term marks’ at an additional section will appear to choose the terms
  • Select if you would like the reasons to be printed on the report, by selecting yes or no
  • Select if the DBE Watermark should print on the schedule
  • Indicate subject pass requirements, by yes or no, if you select yes, it will circle marks below the subject threshold
  • Select which Learners must appear on the report
  • Select the Grade(s) and click on the right arrow button to allocate or on the left arrow button to deallocate them
  • If you selected  the ‘Choose Learner’ option you will have to choose which grade, learner or register class should appear on the report
  • Select the specific Learners and click on the right arrow button to allocate or on the left arrow button to deallocate them
  • Click on the Generate Report button to generate the report

The Retention Schedule is a report that can be generated to display a list of the possible retaining learners.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why is my Retention Schedule blank?

A: The Retention Schedule is blank because your Promotion Formulas are not setup. The Retention Schedule is designed to work only with the Promotion Formula.

Click on My School > Curriculum > Template Formulas or Subject Specific Formulas to do the setup.

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