School Activities

School Activities


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School Categories are used to group different  Activities. 

Select to view the list according to their status.  One or all of these can be displayed: Active, Inactive and/or deleted.

Main Categories

Five pre-loaded categories exist. These categories cannot be changed or added to.
  • Academics
  • Sport
  • Cultural
  • Leadership
  • Other


Certain School Activities are already created under the main School Categories, but additional activities can be added if necessary.
Note: Please ensure that each category has at least one school activity to ensure that it can be used later in the process.
E.g. In the Sport category, add an activity for Rugby or Tennis
       In the Academics category, add an activity for Top 10, etc. 

Academic Certificates are only used for school activities under the main category of Academics.
These certificates are AUTOMATICALLY allocated to learners based on their marks according to rules set up by the school.

Non-academic certificates are used under the main categories Sport, Culture, Leadership or Other.
Learner marks are not involved in the process since learners are allocated  BY HAND.


Add an Activity.

  • Click the "Add new"-button.
  • Choose the main School Category.
  • Enter an Activity Name in the fields provided for both Afrikaans and English
  • Enter the Activity Order.  This will position the Activity in the list that is displayed and will also determine the order it is printed in, on the certificate if you choose to print more than one achievement on a certificate.
  • Save

Edit or delete an Activity.

  • Select the School Category.
  • Select the School Activity you want to edit.  by double-clicking the selected Activity.
  • Make the changes as required.
    Status: "Inactive" keeps the
    in the system for later re-activation.
    Status: "Deleted" removes the activity from the system.
  • Save

Set the printing order of Activities.

  • Indicate the order on the "Activity Order"-field

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