SMS Messages

SMS Messages

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The SMS function gives you the ability to communicate to Parents, Staff Members, Learners, Debtors, Channels and own numbers. Communication with regards to discipline, sport events, outstanding debts and general communication is applicable here.

The Communication+ module can send sms messages to various additional countries.

You will be able to select calling codes for these countries when adding/editing staff, parents or learners, as well as when managing "Own Contacts" and adding "Own Numbers" to channels. When sending out sms messages, the system will automatically use the calling code to determine where the message must be sent, and billing will be done based on the calling code. Please note that due to technical restrictions in many of the above-mentioned countries, recipients will not be able to reply to messages they receive from the d6+ system.

Send a New SMS

A screen will open where you can choose the audience of the sms;  the date and time the sms will be sent; choose to send either same sms to all or according to Preferred Language. Type the message.

SMS to parents

  • Choose the parent information as well; which learner's parent's should receive the sms?
  • Select for which parents, and which gender.
  • Select families on the left-hand side and click on the arrow to allocate them.
  • Choose parents of the following learners and select the learners.
  • Choose parents with learners in the following grades and select the grades.
  • Choose parents with learners on waitlists in the following grades select the waitlists.
  • Choose parents with learners in the following classes and select the classes.
  • Choose parents and draw over to the right.

SMS to Learners

  • Make your choice at the "For" field and "For Learners".
  • Choose which learners should receive the SMS: Current learners; Left Learners (Alma Mater Learners) or Registered Learners (Waiting List Learners).
  • Choose Learners in the following grades: Choose parents / Male/ Female / both genders.
  • Choose learners in the following classes: Choose the gender, select the classes and draw them over to the right.

SMS to Debtors

  1. Choose to use a pre-populated template at "Use template" choose "yes".In the "Template" field you will find 2 options:
      1. Send debtor's reference number.
      2. Send family code and outstanding balance.
  1. At the bottom of the screen choose from All debtors, only families with children still in the school and Only families with no children in the school.
  2. For Debtors with outstanding balances choose to send with age analysis and below that the dates according to age analysis.
  3. For Debtors with outstanding balances choose to send with Balances and select the balance amount.
  4. When you choose "Choose families" in the "For Debtors" field the system will display a block with debtors names where you can select them.
  5. When you choose "Choose debtors of a billing category" the system will display a block with all the billing categories and you can select from that.

SMS to staff members

  • When you select Staff, choose from: "All staff members" or "Choose Categories".
  • Select the categories and draw them over to the right hand side.
  • Choose Staff members, select and draw over to the right.

SMS to channels

  1. When you selected "Channels", choose from "all channels" or "choose channels".
  2. Select the channels from the left-hand side block and draw over to the right.

SMS to own numbers

  1. If you selected Own numbers, enter a number in the block provided and click on "Add".
  2. You can also un-allocate or reallocate accidentally mistyped numbers by clicking the arrows.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many characters can one SMS be?

SMS messages can be accommodated with up to 612 characters (maximum 4 parts) - just note that messages longer than 160 characters will be delivered in multiple message parts, so the cost is calculated per message part and not per SMS.

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