Staff absentees

Staff absentees

This function allows the user to enter absentees for Staff and to view absentees already entered.
The first screen displays the absentees per selected term that were entered before.

How to enter absentees for staff and personnel:

  1. Click the on the Load absentees button to enter new absentees. 
  2. Choose the employment category of staff you need to enter the absentee for. Department of education/Governing body/Other by clicking on the blue eye, left of the category.
  3. Choose the date of the Monday of the week you want to enter the absentees for and click on continue.
  4. Absentees already entered for this week are displayed.
  5. Select the name of the staff member that was absent from the drop-down list, or click "Add a line" to enter more staff members.
  6. Select the checkbox for the day that the staff member was absent.
  7. Choose the reason for being absent
    NOTE: Additional absent reasons can be entered at My School > General > Absent Reasons. 
    NOTE: Educators can not be marked for leave during school holidays.

  8. If a replacement teacher will be appointed, tick the checkbox to indicate so.
  9. Indicate who will be paying the replacement's salary
  10. Indicate whether documentation is required for the absent teacher. 
  11. Describe the type of document to be submitted by the teacher who is absent.
  12. Add any Notes if necessary.
  13. This additional information will also be exported to SA-SAMS for the regular absentee submissions.

  14. Click on "Add line" to enter absentees for additional staff members in the same week.
  15. When you click on "Continue" the absentee entries will be saved.

NOTE: Availability of certain dates:

-When you find that you can not enter absentees because the date blocks are greyed out you will need to check the educator terms dates or holidays at My School > General > Terms/Holidays.

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