Setting up terms for the system is vital as the system is term driven and modules like curriculum, require this as the foundation for later use. In public schools, it is typical to create 4 terms per year where private schools may only have 3 terms. The best practice is to create all terms for the particular year at the same time. This is normally done during the implementation phase of the system. Ensuring that term dates are correct is important, as it affects areas like the absenteeism functionality for learners and educators on the system.

How to create Terms for a school for a new year.

  • Firstly, select the year in question:
  • Then click on " Create terms for a new year "  to copy the terms from the selected year to the next year.
  • The following message will display: " Are you sure you want to copy form year X to Year Y.
  • In the event of selecting “OK”, the system will then notify you that the action was successful by means of the following message: Years was copied to Y.

How to add Terms

  • Click on the " Add Term " button.
  • The screen will be display:
  • Year: The selected year will be shown and cannot be changed (greyed out).
  • Term: The next logical term number in the selected year will be shown by default.
  • From / Until Dates: Enter the correct starting and ending dates for the term in question.
  • Once done, click  and continue creating the next term until you are done for the year in question (Alternatively click  to return to the previous screen).

How to edit Terms

  • If you have any terms to edit, just double click on the term record line (in question) in order make your changes and to save them (similar as shown below)
  • After you have made the applicable changes to the selected term (in this case term 2 was used as an example), you will see the following notification after you have saved your changes:

How to remove the last Term

  • If you want to remove the last term in order to convert 4 existing terms to 3, then click the button. Should the system find related data for this term, then these will first have to be unlinked or removed before this action will be allowed.
  • If the term can be removed without error messages, the following screen will appear:
  • The last term will now be removed.
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