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This feature is available so that communication can take place through e-mail between the school and parents, learners, debtors, staff, channels, other contacts or even own e-mail addresses.

It is best practice to ensure that all channels are created in advance at My School > Communication >  Communication Channels, before sending e-mail.

How to send E-mail 

  • When you open the button the page that opens will allow you to you to choose to whom you want to send the email, click on the drop-down menu to find all the options.
  • Enter the subject in the block provided.
  • Then enter the message you want to send.
  • If you want to attach a file to the e-mail click on the "choose file" button to browse for your file on your computer.
  • Please note that you can BCC recipients so that they can't see each other's e-mail addresses. The BCC button will allow you to receive an e-mail for each one you sent to keep for your own record.
  •  If you chose to send your e-mail to Parents you will have more options at the bottom of the screen to choose which learners you want to send to, current, left learners or Registered Learners. 
  • Make your selection in the other fields as well.
  • Each option you have to choose from at the top of the screen to send E-mail to will have their own selection at the bottom of the screen.
  • Please note that only persons with email addresses registered on the system will appear on your list of options. If either a learner, parent, staff member, debtor, other contact or channel does not have email addresses, they won't show up on the list on the left-hand side.
  • You are able to enter your own email addresses of other people you want to send email to by choosing the "Own addresses" option. 
Important: Please note that our system does not keep a record of e-mails that you send by using this option. Unless you BBC the message you send and get the same e-mail you sent to the receivers in your Inbox as proof that you sent it.

However, if you make use of My School > Communication > Multi-Platform option then you are able to see histories at My School > Communication > Communication History
  • Click on send at the bottom of the screen to send your e-mail.
  • The following message will display: "You are about to send 1161 emails. Do you want to continue?".
  • Click on "Send" to send the emails.
  • Click on "Back" to cancel the process.
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