Learner Attendance Export

Learner Attendance Export

If you make use of d6+ to record daily Learner absentees, the information can be exported here to submit to CEMIS in the required format.


  1. Attendance Per - Choose the period for the attendance confirmation export: Week, Month, Term or Year
  2. Year - Choose the current or previous year for the attendance confirmation to be exported
  3. Term - Choose the term for the attendance confirmation to be exported
  4. Month - Choose the month for the attendance confirmation to be exported
  5. Week - If you choose to export per week, select the intended week.

  1. Generate Learner Attendance Export

  1. This export contains the LEARNER attendance detail during the selected period.
  2. To save the export, right-click anywhere on the report and choose "Save as".
  3. Import the saved report into the relevant CEMIS program.

  1. Generate Confirmed Register Class Export

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